When Scott and I were in Paris this summer we saw first hand bridges festooned with ‘love’ padlocks. They’re a fabulous photo op it has to be said, but the jury has been out on whether they’re a welcome addition to the famous sights of Paris. We felt conflicted about it ourselves – fun on the one hand, obscuring the bridges themselves on the other. That’s a lot of keys to dump into the river as well! 

Now part of the pedestrian bridge, the lovely Pont des Arts footbridge has collapsed. See the recent report here: Independent Article – Paris bridge collapses
I wouldn’t go as far as to say that there can be too much love, but it’ll be good to get the bridge re-opened. All manner of life carries on here – musicians playing, ad hoc picnics, sauntering tourists and locals alike – it’s a great spot to stop and watch life go by.

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