Welcome! I’m Amanda. There’s a lot of fun things to do in this world, on this Small Blue Planet (I live on the West Coast of Canada of said planet with my boyfriend Scott) – I love to mountain bike, to cycle tour (to ride a bike in general really), to try my hand at drawing and hopefully one day get better at it. And I love writing, so I hope you enjoy reading some of my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. The photo below is of one of those activities…..hitting the mountain bike trails for some exercise, taking in fresh air (you can practically smell the oxygen from the trees around you, tempered by the scent of mulchy goodness at certain times of the year) and getting away from the buzz of the city. We hit White Rabbit trail one October day in Squamish, BC, Canada. It’s a great little trail, zippy and fun and a bit magical in a Hobbit world kind of a way.


White Rabbit Trail. Photo by Scott

Four hours or so of riding will brush away the metaphoric cobwebs that tend to build up over a busy week. It was a relief too to be back in the saddle after a mountain bike crash in February 2014 leaving me with a Bennett’s fracture (piece of thumb bone snapped off at the base, ouch and broken elbow, yelp), which meant seven weeks off work and the admonition to not mountain bike for at least three months. I thought I’d put paid to the bicycle touring Scott and I had planned for France that May, but beyond luckily I could manage a road bike by then.

Pretty much any time of year is good for mountain biking. The weather can change to cooler temperatures but it’s still great to get out there and ride even if it’s raining. Sometimes because it’s raining – a hot bath never feels quite so good as after a muddy, sloshy, damp ride.

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