Back To The Drawing Board…..

Practice, well, doesn’t make perfect. But it’s time to get back to drawing as summer starts to wind down (how is that possible, the eternal refrain of every year, although this year it does seem to be a endless summer as the dry spell shows no sign of abating and forest fires continue to rage).

I attempted to draw a pepper. I sketched in the highlighted areas and unfortunately the pencil marks showed through, but that in itself is a great learning experience.




Colour Blindness

Rather than copy illustrations from a book, albeit a great way to learn some basic techniques, I’m going to commit to drawing from life, except for when going back to revise and learn some fundamentals. It’s challenging and frustrating, a picture of a tomato went in the garbage, couldn’t stand to look at the fiendish thing anymore. A drawing of a shallot is safe, for now. It’s more an approximation, the colours are insanely annoying to figure out. I have so many pencils now and yet they don’t seem to be the right ones, or I’m not using them and layering them correctly. Anyhoo, here it is for better or worse:

When Is A Lemon A Lemon?

I think I drew a lemon. What I mean is, it’s a ‘lemon’ in the flawed sense of the word. This is the first drawing from life, as opposed to copying from another illustration. Having to guess the colours used (not all yellows are created equal!) and then take the plunge. The citron I used has a very smooth rind, not like, for instance Amalfi lemons. So perhaps next time……meanwhile I have some learning to do, and practice.

 It’s certainly nothing like this lemon in a garden in France!