Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness……


 So said Keats in To Autumn which makes this time of year sound warm and fuzzy and comforting. And it can be, like wrapping a large blanket around yourself and sitting in front of an open fire being slowly hypnotized by the burning embers. Unless of course you’re out in a torrential downpour, the rain horizontal with the ground making an umbrella pretty redundant as you miserably fight your way onto crowded, damp buses. 

But I digress. It is a lovely time of year, once you’ve gotten used to letting go of summer. (Only another four months until the clocks go forward, yay!). In the meantime, it’s easy to appreciate some aspects like an unexpectedly sunny day that encourages a tromp in the woods. 

Or on a nearby beach…..

But mostly it’s about the enticing treats that glow in shop windows! 

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