Snow Moon

There are more things in heaven and earth…….’

……than you can shake a stick at, thank you Shakespeare. I went mountain bike riding on Sunday and I sucked. I was already tired from a heavy week of work, my legs ached, my lungs ached, I was the last of the group and never really caught up. It was just one of  those days, and as every mountain biker knows, we all have our turn. Insignificant too in terms of any other problem or issue you could possibly think of, but we all know how we pressure ourselves and let things get out of perspective.

It’s good to look up sometimes, towards the lofty firmament so to speak. I love the night sky – it’s one of the pleasures of camping, to be able to get away from any light pollution and star gaze until you’re too tired to keep your eyes open or too cold to stay out of a cosy sleeping bag any longer –  and had been idly looking up the next full moon. It was to be the next evening, the day after my lowly ride, and not only that, it was going to be the first clear night after days of rain. Suddenly I was fired up to try to take a picture of the moon, even with all the street and building lights around. Adding fuel to the fire was the evocative description of the February full moon by several Native American tribes as a Snow Moon, so-called because the snow is piled high (also called the Hunger Moon due to the difficult hunting conditions). It’s humbling and comforting to think of the moon looking down on all of us.

The only reason I could even take any pictures of the moon without it being a tiny,  blurry dot on the screen is due to a great lens that a childhood friend of Scott’s left him when he passed away three years ago. Sean was  an avid photographer and knew how much Scott appreciated photography. So thank you Sean. (click on the photos for full size gallery)



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