Delicious Tarte Tatin

Butter, sugar, puff pastry and apples. That’s all that’s needed for this delicious recipe. Oh and some amazing vanilla ice cream to top it off.

I would seriously encourage anyone to give this tarte tatin recipe a try. It’s categorized as ‘a challenge’ but it’s really not. Well, so long as you watch the sugar to make sure it doesn’t burn, it cooks really fast and I of course thought I could do a couple of other things whilst it was on the stove top. Short cut to smoke filling our tiny kitchen, me panicking and turning cold water onto it, which instantly hardened it (half of which was already down the drain). I had to run a lot of hot water to disintegrate it. I apologised to the sink drain. What else can you do. Scott just looked pained, he’d suggested I keep an eye on it and I rebuffed his concern with an insouciant shrug of the shoulders. Humble pie anyone?

I know my tarte tatin doesn’t look at all like the perfect rendition that is Raymond Blanc’s, but that’s okay, it tasted fantastic. Even my long-suffering friends, on whom I tend to inflict my baking adventures on a regular basis, were supportive – there were some appreciative lip smacking and plate scraping sounds. You have to flip the skillet when the tarte is finished to get the apple right side up. Here’s where I diverge from the recipe, DO NOT wait until the tarte has cooled (at least with a cast iron skillet). Flip it if you can whilst it’s still warm, it’ll come out of the pan way easier that way.

Bon appetit!

Before the flip…..

Successfully flipped tarte tatin. Add ice cream and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Delicious Tarte Tatin

  1. My wife burned a tarte-tatin in my (bought at Uni 20 years before) non-stick cast iron skillet and the sugar just fused to it. Short of taking a chisel to it (bye bye non stick), there was no way that pan was ever going to recover. Glad your pan survived. Still not sure about trying it again!


    • I was worried too for a while there, I had let the tarte tatin completely cool to room temperature and it just wouldn’t budge (I was holding the pan upside down and banging on the bottom as hard as I could!). Heating it up again did the trick. Phew! The pan is totally unscathed and now I know for next time to just let it cool for 15-20mins, when it’s still warm enough to release from the skillet.

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