Just a quick post about some great reads on the environment. Earlier in the year I’d read a book I loved called The Once and Future World by J.B. MacKinnon (2013). In it he talks about ‘rewilding’, not only protecting natural habitats but actually rebuilding a wilder world. In doing so we enhance our own experiences and interactions with nature and rediscover our own truer nature. 

Today I just stumbled across a beautiful essay on the BBC website by environmental and political writer George Monbiot: Back to Nature and he references rewilding as well. Actually he too has a book on the subject called Feral, also published in 2013, which I’m about halfway through. I had first come across Monbiot when I read his book Heat; about climate change, global warming and the means to cut carbon emissions. It’s a great read, inspiring and encouraging. Amidst all the gloom and doom and dire prognostications for our natural world, there does seem to be some hope, evidenced in the works of both of these authors.  



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